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Safe Schools Resources

GLBT History Month

Help make schools safer for LGBTIQ youth and their allies by honoring Queer History Month!

  • GLBT History Month, aka Queer History Month, was founded by Rodney Wilson in 1994.
  • As a High school teacher, he hoped to address and educate on LGBT issues and contributions, information that history text books failed to provide.
  • October was chosen as history month, in part because of the already established and widely celebrated “National Coming Out Day” that happens in October 11.
  • LGBT History Month is intended to encourage awareness, conversation and openness about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, especially among educators and in school settings.
  • Consider celebrating Queer History Month at your school, community organization and/or business!

Queer History Month Resources

Ideas for Celebrating LGBT History Month!

Events for the 2016-17 School Year

Ready to Print Icon Table Tents

Additional Ready to Print Icon Posters and Bios for 2016

Ready to Print 2016 Poster

Ready to Print Promotional Display

Ready to Print Icon List

Ready to Print 10th Anniversary Poster

Add “LGBT Icon” to your Website, Blog or Social Networking Profile

  • Beginning October 1, a 30-second video featuring a different LGBT Icon each day will appear on your site.
  • Before October 1 and after October 31, a two-and-a-half-minute overview video of all 31 LGBT Icons will display.

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National Coming Out Day-Oct 11th

History of Coming out

Spirit Day-Oct 20th

Take a Stand Against Bullying


Club Resources

Celebrate LGBT History Month with GLAAD

Information and Resource Links

General Safe School Resources

Welcoming Schools Guide: An Introduction to Welcoming Schools
Why Welcoming Schools Are Important 
Recent Research on Prejudice, Bullying, Stereotyping, Laws/Policies that Support Welcoming Schools and Similar Initiatives, etc.
Definitions for Students and Adults
Resources on Gender Identity and Children
Resources on Gender Roles and Stereotyping
Questions Students May Ask and Possible Responses About LGBT People
GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit: Be an ALLY to LGBT Youth!
Bibliographies — Books to Engage Students
California Safe Schools Coalition: “The CA Safe Schools Coalition is proud of [its] research briefs documenting issues of school safety for students in California schools and steps schools can take to improve school safety for all students, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) students.”

For School Administrators 

Your Role as an Administrator
Family Education and Community Building
Responding to Some Concerns About Being LGBT-Inclusive
School Climate Assessment
Linking Welcoming Schools to Academic Standards
Gender Identity and Children: Books to Help Adults Understand
Changing the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project

For Educators

Your Role as an Educator
Back to School Guide for Educators
Your Role as a Librarian
Changing the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project
Developing a Welcoming Classroom
Professional Development Tools
GLSEN Educator Resources
Ready, Set, Respect! Elementary Toolkit 
Lesson Plans
Bullying Guidelines for Teachers
Action Steps for Educators to Take to Stop Bullying
Warning Signs to Identify Children in Need
Gender and Children: A Place to Begin
Working with LGBT Students of Color: A Guide of Educators
Using LGBT-Inclusive Children’s Books and Looking at Gender Through Books
Bibliographies — Books to Engage Students
A Bibliography of Resources for Educators and Parents/Guardians
Gender Identity and Children: Books to Help Adults Understand
A Note on Mother’s and Father’s Day

For Parents, Guardians, and Caring Adults

Your Role as a Parent or Caring Adult
Your Role as an LGBT Parent or Caring Adult
Working with School Boards
A Bibliography of Resources for Educators and Parents/Guardians
Gender Identity and Children: Books to Help Adults Understand

Resources on Bullying

Effects of Bullying
Bullying by the Numbers
Bullying and LGBT Youth
Resources on Bullying
Resources on Cyberbullying
More Resources and Project Partners
Toolkit: Eyes on Bullying
Bullying Guidelines for Teachers
Action Steps for Educators
Bullying: Tips for Students
Toolkit for Youth Leaders
Think Before You Act — Handout
Teasing or Bullying — Handout
What Do You Say to “That’s So Gay?”
Activity: Bullying and LGBT Students

Pertinent Safe School State and Federal Laws

Federal Laws
Seth’s Law Fact Sheet (AB 9)
California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act Fact Sheet (AB 537)
California Gender Non-Discrimination Act Fact Sheet (AB 887)
California FAIR Education Act (SB 48) Fact Sheet
SB 71 Fact Sheet (California)

Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Safe-Schools Issues

For more on safe-school-related transgender and gender-nonconforming issues, please visit the Queer Youth Task Force’s Trans* Teen Project.
Recursos en español / Resources in Spanish


LGBTIQ & Ally Youth Lending Library

Since 2011, students, parents, teachers and community members are able to borrow DVDs for their GSAs, parent groups, and religious and community organizations for educational purposes. A special thanks to Abel Murillo, former Program Coordinator for Triangle Speakers, and Vanessa Wilson, former Program Coordinator for STRANGE/Youth Services, for inspiring this project, and to the donors who funded the project. Stay tuned for more information! To suggest titles or help fund this project, please contact us. A tentative list of films include:

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