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A weekly e-newsletter resource for Queer/Ally Youth of Santa Cruz County. A program of the Safe Schools Project.

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Using Literature to End Name-Calling: Lesson for Grades 5-8

Bibliographies — Books to Engage Students: A comprehensive guide to age-appropriate literature on different kinds of families, bullying, stereotypes, gender and gender identity, etc.

GLBTQ Literature Compilation: Literature Subject Index — Letters A-B, C-E, F-L, M-Z

Celebrate NEA’s Read Across America: Six literature-based lesson plans for using LGBT-themed literature in the elementary classroom (K-5)

Where I’m From: Family, Community and Poetry (4-6)

Be Who You Are: I Am Me Poems (1-5)

Using Children’s Literature to Address Bullying (see righthand side for curriculum links): Sections include –