Queer Youth Updates

A weekly e-newsletter resource for Queer/Ally Youth of Santa Cruz County. A program of the Safe Schools Project.

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Queer, Trans & Ally Youth Council Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

Founded in 2012 by a group of queer, trans and ally high school students, the Queer, Trans & Ally Youth Council, originally known as the Queer and Allies Youth Council of Santa Cruz County, endeavors to heighten a sense of community and solidarity among the queer and ally youth of Santa Cruz County. The council also strives to bridge the larger community as a whole with queer and ally youth by being an advisory chamber to the Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County, tackling hardships that LGBTIQA+ and Ally youth face. The council will highlight voices by organizing themed events for young LGBTIQA+ and Ally people and combating prejudice in schools, religious organizations, and extracurricular environments of Santa Cruz County.

Our Vision:

For queer and ally youth to be able to live a life of prosperity and to be accepted when authentically expressing their identity in their communities

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