Queer Youth Updates

A weekly e-newsletter resource for Queer/Ally Youth of Santa Cruz County. A program of the Safe Schools Project.

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The Queer Youth Task Force welcomes both youth and adults who are interested in helping make Santa Cruz County a safer place for queer youth and their allies. Please consider either volunteering for a one-time event and/or volunteering on a committee or project.

Queer Youth Task Force Projects

  • Queer Youth Leadership Awards – The QYLA is looking for dynamic volunteers to help organize the 20th annual QYLA. There are many different opportunities for people with all types of commitment levels. Only have time to help on the day of the event? Want to help but only have every other weekend? Great! Let us know how you can help and we will gladly work with you. For more information, visit www.QYLA.org or contact the 2017 QYLA Coordinator, Joe Cosentino, at email or (831) 427-4004.
  • Safe Schools Project – The Safe Schools Project is looking for community members within each school district to help advocate for the enforcement of the state law, AB 537, The California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000. Parents, religious leaders, elected officials, and community members at large are highly encouraged to be part of our “Community Action Teams” to support queer youth and their allies. For more information, please contact Ron Indra, coordinator of the Safe Schools Project, at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org
  • Queer Youth Task Force Meetings – If you and/or a community organization or agency works with youth, then you are already working with queer youth. Please consider attending our meetings to learn ways you and/or your organization can get involved with improving the quality of life for queer youth and their allies. Meetings are generally held at the Aptos Public Library. For more information, contact us at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org
  • Transgender Teen Project – The Task Force is currently looking for youth and adults who want to work with school districts to ensure that all students, including gender variant students, are safe on campus and in the general community. For more information, visit Trans* Teen Project or contact us at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org
  • Adult Ally to Queer Youth Project – There is a great need of adults, who have experience in working with youth, to volunteer in working directly with queer youth, allies, and program coordinators of queer youth projects. Volunteer opportunities include: chaperoning queer youth events; driving students to local, regional, and statewide conferences and dances; supporting queer youth organizing local activities; and more. You can volunteer for one event, possibly for 2-5 hours, weekly for queer youth meetings, or for two-three days when students attend out-of-town conferences. The Task Force requires each prospective adult volunteer to clear a Live Scan Fingerprinting, relevant background checks, and a clear driving record. For UCSC, San Jose State University, or Cabrillo College students, student credit can be arranged. For more information about becoming an Adult Ally to Queer Youth, please contact us at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org
  • Internships & School Credit for K-12 Students – If you are a middle school and high school student interested in attaining community service hours for a queer youth project, internships and school credit can be arranged. Please select one of the QYTF Projects that interests you and then secure a teacher or advisor who will sponsor your community hours. The Task Force can help identify a teacher on your campus if needed. Then, please contact us. One-time short project and/or projects over several months are available. All Queer youth and Allies are welcome! For more information, contact Stuart Rosenstein, chair of the Task Force, at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org
  • Internships & School Credit for University and/or College Students – Internships, field studies, and/or school credit can be arranged for community college, undergraduate, and/or graduate students. Once you have selected a QYTF Project that interests you and have secured a professor or advisor, please contact us. The Task Force is glad to meet with you if you have not yet decided what kind of project you would like to work on. One-time short project and/or projects over several months are available. All Queer and Ally students are welcome! For more information, contact Stuart Rosenstein, chair of the Task Force, at (831) 427-4004 or info@QYTF.org

Some Additional Easy Ways to Support Local LGBTIQ Teens

Become a Triangle Speaker

Volunteer as a parent of LGBTIQ individuals! Parents of queer youth need your support!
Info: info@QYTF.org or visit PFLAG Santa Cruz County

Support Gay-Straight Alliance’s (GSA’s) at your alumni/a local school.
Info: info@QYTF.org