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GSA List

A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) or Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) is a student-run club, typically in a high school or middle school, which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, and work to end homophobia. Many GSAs function as a support group and provide safety and confidentiality to students who are struggling with their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. In addition to support, some GSAs work on educating themselves and the broader school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Other GSAs are activist clubs and have worked to get GLBTQ issues represented in the curriculum, GLBTQ related books in the library, and progressive non-discrimination policies implemented at a district level. All of these different types of GSAs also provide a social outlet for GLBTQ students and their straight allies. For more information and resources about GSAs, please visit the GSA Information page from the GSA Network based in San Francisco.

2016-2017 GSA/QSA’s

Santa Cruz County and Surrounding Areas

Alianza Charter School GSA
GSA Co-Advisor: Jen Salinas-Holz
Email /(831) 728-6333 x 5977

Aptos High School “Rainbow Alliance” GSA
GSA Co-Advisor: Anne Dhanens
Email / (831) 728-7832

Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County GSA / Live Oak
GSA Advisor: Jennifer Sherry
Email / (831) 435-3277

Branciforte Middle School GSA
GSA Advisor: Joe Hedgecock
Email / (831) 429-3883 x 1301

Cypress High School QSA
Co-QSA Advisors: Valerie Neer & Aaron Clegg
Email / (831) 477-0302 & Email / (831) 477-0302

Delta High School GSA
GSA Advisor: Jamie Cutter
Email / (831) 477-5212

Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School GSA
GSA Advisor: Carolina Martinez
Email / (831) 423-0658 x 206

Harbor High School “Rainbow Society” QSA
GSA Advisor: Ron Indra
Email / (831) 429-3810 x 1320

Lakeview Middle School GSA
GSA Advisor: Jen Salinas-Holz & Jenny Lemieux
Email / (831) 728-6455 x 5977 & Email / (831) 728-645

Mission Hill Middle School GSA
GSA Advisor: Lauren Taylor & Julie Snyder
Email / (831) 429-3861 x 223 & Email / (831) 429-3861

New Brighton Middle School GSA
GSA Advisor: Stephen Riser
Email / (831) 464-5660

North Monterey County High School “Rainbow Warriors” GSA
GSA Advisor: Ella Achen
Email / (831) 633-5221 x 3250

Pacific Collegiate School (PCS) GSA
GSA Advisor: Andrea Roth
Email / (831) 479-7785

Pajaro Valley High School GSA
Co-GSA Advisor: Erica Murphy
Email / (831) 728-8102 x 3616

San Lorenzo Valley High School “Gender-Sexuality Alliance” GSA
Co-GSA Advisors: Sara Young & Erik Kahl
Email / (831) 335-4425 & Email / (831) 335-4425

Santa Cruz High School “Rainbow Alliance” GSA
Co-GSA Advisor: Rishi Lal
Email / (831) 429-3960 x 173

Scotts Valley High School GSA
GSA Advisor: Stella Carey
Email / (831) 439-9555

Shoreline Junior High School “SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)” GSA
GSA Advisor: Nick Falco Elias
Email / (831) 475-6565

Soquel High School “Gender and Sexual Diversity Club” GSA
GSA Advisor: Ryan Bosson & Natasha Castro
Email / (831) 429-3909 & Email / (831) 429-3909

Watsonville High School SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance)” GSA
GSA Advisors: Justin Silva & Alysia Sharief
Email /(831) 728-6390 & Email / (831) 728-6390

Compiled by the Transfamily Support Group, Safe Schools Project, Queer Youth Task Force (QYTF) and the Diversity Center Youth Program.  Subject to change due to staffing changes within the school system. For more information, contact QYTF at email or (831) 427-4004.

Last updated October 5, 2016