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Adult Ally Project

Adult Ally to Queer Youth

There is a great need for adults to volunteer.  The many programs throughout the county supporting queer youth and their allies need the help of concerned adults: parents, teachers, family, college students and allied community members.

Our goal is to provide a large pool of talent from which program coordinators can draw.  We want a diversity of experience and enough depth to keep the volunteers interested and active without overloading them.

Volunteer opportunities including working directly with queer youth, allies and program coordinators of queer youth on a variety of projects. The number of programs in Santa Cruz County affords a great deal of flexibility in the amount of time commitment required.  They include a couple hours setting up for a conference or dance to a day driving youth to that event to an extended commitment providing fundraising help for a youth group trying to organize the event.

GSA Boosters

Beyond the more traditional volunteer organization we hope to create what amounts to a booster organization for the many Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups within the Santa Cruz County schools.  Coordinating with faculty advisors and the Safe Schools Project, the Boosters would work more closely with individual GSAs.  Like the sports boosters, we would provide logistics and organizational help as well as financial support for activities, meetings, events and trips the GSA members wish to hold or participate in.  We hope to include past members of the local GSAs along with parents, family, friends and teachers.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping to kick off this program.

Who is Eligible

The Task Force is working with community organizations to clear volunteers working directly with youth.  Different volunteer opportunities will have different levels of review.

These requirements are in the process of being finalized, but may include:

  • Minimum age of 25 years old.
  • Youth Services/Program Coordinator screening interview.
  • Relevant background checks and Live Scan.
  • Verification of clear driving record and proof of insurance for drivers.
  • Acknowledge and sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct.

The requirements are intended to ensure the safety of youth and volunteers.


For UCSC, San Jose State University, or Cabrillo College students, student credit can be arranged.


For more information about becoming an Adult Ally please contact us at (831) 427-4004 or email.

Queer Youth Calendar

Please consider supporting one or more of these queer youth events. Contact us to learn how!

2016-2107 Queer Youth Calendar


Chris Martorana
Director, Adult Ally Project
(831) 427-4004 or email