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Our Gente: Weekly Sharing Circle on Zoom

The current shelter-in-place order has put all public gatherings on hold, and for some community members that order has taken away access to LGBTQ+ safe spaces like The Epicenter.  QTYC and Our Gente would like to provide a digital safe space on Zoom for community members to be able to share how they’re doing and check in with each other in a safe and accepting environment!

Developed from the concept of peer social support, our Sharing Circle is designed to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to express themselves candidly about identity, relationships, and more!

All respectful community members are welcome to participate, but please keep in mind that this service is intended for youth ages 16-24, and their participation will be prioritized.

To participate in Sharing Circle Online, contact Jacob via e-mail at jacob@epicentermonterey.org or via text at (831) 272-4295.

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