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LGBTQ News: Strategies to Create Safe Havens for Students

“These strategies include actions which an individual, adult or school counselor can take through direct communication with a student as well as actions that school counselors can take to in collaboration with others to foster school-wide change.” Read the full article at Gender Spectrum … [Read more...]

LGBTQ News: “Here’s An Awesome Way To Explain ‘Privilege’ To Children”

“Privilege can be a daunting and complex concept. But an awareness about the way that it shapes our lives and experiences is crucial to raising compassionate, empathetic children. That’s why our favorite LGBTQ web series for kids, “Queer Kid Stuff,” is dedicating a series of episodes to helping kids understand how privilege affects their lives experiences. This first episode in the set of privilege-focused conversations features a fun song to help children wrap their heads around the abstract concept. “ Read the article and watch … [Read more...]

LGBTQ Youth Speak Up! 2017 School National Climate Survey

The 2017 National School Climate Survey is GLSEN's tenth national survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth. It is a crucial tool in GLSEN's mission for fighting anti-LGBTQ bias in K-12 schools across the nation. The information gathered from this survey will help GLSEN to inform education policymakers and the public about the right of all students to be treated with respect in their schools. Many students in the past have also used the survey information to advocate with their teachers and principals for safer schools … [Read more...]

Black Butterflies – A Collaborative Youth Arts Project, July 25 – August 5, SF & Oakland

When you’re a young girl of color caught in the stifling web of educational neglect, calcified courts, and an overwhelmed incarceration system, it’s easy to become a statistic. Pushed out of society, Aisha, Mercedes, and Dani fiercely fight to survive the “school and prison nexus," with their humanity, dignity, and individuality intact. Through the varied stories of these resilient girls, Black Butterflies explores how a broken system of schools, families, and courts can collude to trap girls of color. This world premiere by … [Read more...]

LGBTQ News: Bullying and Bias Can Cost Schools Millions in Lost Funding

“When children avoid school to avoid bullying, many states can lose tens of millions of dollars in funding, and California alone loses an estimated $276 million each year because children feel unsafe. New research from The University of Texas at Austin published in School Psychology Quarterly highlights the hidden cost to communities in states that use daily attendance numbers to calculate public school funding. When children are afraid to go to school because classmates target them because of bias against their race, gender, religion, … [Read more...]

LGBTQ News: “My Daughter’s Favorite Teacher Is Transgender. Here’s Why That Matters.”

“Her empathy has been especially meaningful to our family this past year, as our girls have faced particular challenges as Muslim kids.” Read the full story in The Huffington Post … [Read more...]

LGBTQ News: 10 trans and gender-nonconforming youth activists of color changing the world

“Young trans and gender-nonconforming people of color, however, are putting in the work to better the lives of those who share their identities. They're boldly tackling issues even the most seasoned activists are hesitant to take on, breaking boundaries and shattering stigma in the process. And it's time they get recognition for their change-making ways. Here are 10 trans and gender-nonconforming activists of color, all 21 or younger, making notable strides for the LGBTQ community. This list, in no particular order, isn't exhaustive — it's … [Read more...]

Triangle Speaker Training, August 26th – Registration Open!

Share your story and create a more welcoming community. LGBTQ+ community members, family, and allies, are invited to join us!  The day-long training is at no cost, and includes breakfast and lunch. We will also provide car pooling if you need a ride. When:  Saturday, August 26th, 2017 @ 9am - 5pm Click Here to register! Visit The Diversity Center to learn more about this program! … [Read more...]

Speakers & Support Needed for SB179 / Non-binary Gender Recognition Bill, July 10, Sacramento

Join us on Monday July 10 in Sacramento to show your support for #SB179, the Gender Recognition Bill which would allow #nonbinary as an option for state IDs and other legal documentation! Your voice is important, so come to the State Capitol Building to show your support and share your story! The Assembly Hearing will be at 1:30pm, but we encourage folks to show up early to meet the #IGRP team :) All are welcome, so bring friends, family, and fellow activists passionate about non-binary recognition and rights! Plan as of now: we … [Read more...]

“Rhode Island’s State Teacher of the Year Sent a Bold but ‘silent’ Message to Trump”

“Donning attire such as a blue jacket, a black lace fan, and a nose ring, Giannopoulos delivered a bold message to the Trump administration without uttering any words. To the naked eye, Giannopoulos' stylistic choices simply-remained eclectic. But, in a late lengthy April Facebook posting, the newly-awarded teacher highlighted his meticulous planning…” Read the full article and uncover the symbolism of each item he wore at Circa … [Read more...]