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Queer, Trans* & Allied Youth “Spring in Watsonville” Calendar

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To download a printable version click here. … [Read more...]

LGBTQ Youth News: “Intersex Youth Poised to Complicate School Bathroom Battle”

“Because of the way the lived biological realities of intersex people contradict our traditional understanding of gender and physiology, the intersex community is poised to throw a wrench in the argument that facilities should be segregated according to "biological" sex rather than gender identity.” Read the full article in NBC News … [Read more...]

LGBTQ Youth News: “SCOTUS Deals Setback to Trans Rights, But Trans Teen & Activist Gavin Grimm Vows to Push Forward”

AMY GOODMAN: And what do you say to other young transgender people—first of all, I mean, the Supreme Court, I think there might have been a mixed message that they ruled against you. That hasn’t been the case at this point. There hasn’t been a ruling. What do you say to others to give them hope? GAVIN GRIMM: I would say that the fight is not over. This doesn’t mean we’re at the end of the road. It’s a detour, and that’s all it is. We have faced many detours in this process. It’s certainly been a fairly circuitous process. But … [Read more...]

GLSEN: 2017 National Student Council – Applications Now Open! Deadline: March 22

The National Student Council (NSC) is a GLSEN-sponsored youth leadership and engagement program. It is open to all youth currently enrolled in high school in the United States. Members of the National Student Council dedicate their time, passion, and commitment to the mission of LGBTQ-inclusive schools while elevating the voices of marginalized groups within the LGBTQ community, including (but not limited to) youth of color, youth in rural communities, and transgender and gender nonconforming youth. Curious about what being part of the … [Read more...]

Call For Middle and High School LGBTIQ & Ally Artists!

Call for Artists 2017-page-001

Back by popular demand, the QYLA Art Show is looking for middle and high school artists to share their creations with Santa Cruz County. The QYLA Art Show aims to create a safe and inclusive outlet for queer expression on a public platform. All art submissions should be in by Monday, April 10 to be included in the show. For more information or to submit a photo of your art, contact us at art@QYLA.org QYLA Art Show at the 2017 Queer Youth Leadership Awards on May 13th at 5:30pm at Pájaro Valley High School All art submissions should be … [Read more...]

[Final Reminder] QYLA Nominations Closing Soon!! – Deadline March 10

The Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County is seeking to honor local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth and their allies at the 2017 Queer Youth Leadership Awards (QYLA)! Eligible awardees are those who have shown outstanding leadership, academic excellence, or community engagement as an LGBTQ youth under the age of 18, or as an ally to LGBTQ youth. Allies to LGBTQ youth may be a straight youth, or can also be a straight or LGBTQ adult. Online Nominations are easy to complete, and are due by March 10, 2017! … [Read more...]

LGBTQ State News: “New state law makes single-stall bathrooms open to all genders”

“The new law, by Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, requires businesses, government buildings and other public places to make single-stall bathrooms open to all genders, instead of one for men and another for women. The requirement would become part of code enforcement inspections and does not affect multi-stall restrooms.” Read the full article in the San Francisco Chronicle … [Read more...]

LGBTQ Youth Perspectives: “ ‘We Aren’t Going Away’: Transgender Teens Slam Trump’s Bathroom Stance”

“Though litigation and policies surrounding the use of restrooms by transgender people have been brewing for a couple years, it remains somewhat shocking to see that the bathroom has become the center of debate around the civil rights of trans Americans—let alone children. "I don't understand why the bathroom is such an issue," Charlie, a 13-year-old trans girl, says. "You've been peeing with trans people for years. We go to the bathroom to do exactly what everyone else does. It's that simple." Read the full article in Broadly. … [Read more...]

Claim Your Rights: Bullying, Harassment, & Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students Should be Reported!

Claim Your Rights - Fact Sheet - GLSEN & PFLAG-page-001

In response to the rescinded Title IX guidance and DeVos' promise to support LGBTQ students, GLSEN and PFLAG are re-launching our #ClaimYourRights campaign to assist trans and LGB youth in filing complaints with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Education...Please help spread the word that all trans students and their families should #ClaimYourRights. Importantly, ANYONE (even friends, family members, and school faculty) with knowledge of discrimination in a school has standing to file a claim with OCR, following … [Read more...]

[Reminder] Triangle Speakers Training, March 18

When: Saturday, March 18th, 2017 @ 9am - 5pm Where:  First Christian Church, 15 Madison St. Watsonville, CA 95076 Click Here to RSVP For more information, email: trianglespeakers@diversitycenter.org … [Read more...]