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“Inside Danica Roem’s Historic Campaign as a Transgender Woman in Trump’s America” - Cosmopolitan

“The Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 13th district isn’t running to rebuke Donald Trump. But given his anti-trans agenda, her victory would be that much sweeter.”

“Gender Nonbinary In The Age Of Trump” - The Huffington Post

“Like many of you, I was raised to treat everyone as I want to be treated ― including those who may seem different. We never know what someone else is going through until we have been in their shoes. Nonbinary people are a part of America’s fabric: We’re in families, schools, workplaces, churches, and every community. All of us, including gender nonbinary people, should have a fair opportunity to enjoy our lives, provide for ourselves and our families, and reach our fullest potential without the fear of violence and discrimination.”

“Diversity, inclusiveness at forefront of Oakland Pride” - East Bay Times

“Oakland Pride has a lot of African-American and Latino visibility and leadership that reflects the city in a way that maybe San Francisco doesn’t so much and it feels more like a community,” Lans said. “I see a lot of families and large groups of teenagers, and it’s sweet. It’s nice to see, and it has more of a local feel.”