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“Virginia Elects Its First Openly Transgender State Lawmaker” – Huffington Post

“Democrat Danica Roem defeated the Republican who wrote the anti-trans bathroom bill.”

“College students share advice to bullied LGBTQ youth” – GLAAD

“This Spirit Day, our GLAAD Campus Ambassadors were asked to share words of advice with LGBTQ youth who are experiencing bullying. Because LGBTQ youth disproportionately face bullying and harassment, many of our Campus Ambassadors have had their own personal experiences with bullying. Read their heartful words of advice, encouragement, inspiration, and love to their fellow LGBTQ youth below…”

Daniel Segobiano – He/Him – University of California Santa Cruz

“”If you’re being bullied, it’s not your fault. When I was younger and someone didn’t like what I did or what I acted like, I would actively change aspects of my personality in order to fit their definition of “normal.” Being bullied doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. There’s nothing for you to change and absolutely no one worth the torture of feeling less than. Don’t be afraid to seek help, because your health and well being come first. Stay strong, bounce back, and remember that at the very, very least, hundreds of other people just like you, support and love you.”

“When a Student Says, ‘I’m Not a Boy or a Girl’” – The New York Times

“At the age of 15, after rehearsing in the shower, Sofia Martin made an announcement to the students at Puget Sound Community School.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am,” Sofia recalled saying at the morning meeting, a daily assembly of the school’s 52 students and staff members. “I’ve come to the decision that I’m nonbinary, which means that I’m not a boy or a girl.” Sofia asked the teachers and the students, who are in grades six through 12, to use the pronouns they or them, which they promised to do.”

Op-Ed: Visibility & Inclusion – For LGBTQ Youth, Silence May be as Damaging as Hate – Voices of Monterey Bay

“Fortunately, many youth, teachers and advocates are starting to challenge these trends here at home. San Benito County, at the urging of local students, recently opened an LGBTQ+ Youth Resource Center in Hollister. This year, folks on the Monterey Peninsula relaunched their annual Pride celebration.

VIDEO:  “What Happened When Queer Victims of Bullying Sat Down with Former Bullies” – them.

“Today, more than two decades after I came out as gay, fifteen years after I came out as trans, I have another coming out to do. Today, I’m coming out as a bully.”

“Andi Mack Will Feature Disney Channel’s First LGBTQ Storyline Ever: Why That Matters” – E News

“The cable network, a provider of kid-driven programming currently available in 91 million homes in the U.S. and countless millions more globally, announced that the second season of Andi Mack, premiering Friday, Oct. 27, will begin to tell the story of a male tween—one of the show’s main characters—on his journey of self-discovery after realizing he has a crush on his male classmate.”

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