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“Inside Danica Roem's Historic Campaign as a Transgender Woman in Trump's America” - Cosmopolitan “The Democratic candidate for Virginia's 13th district isn't running to rebuke Donald Trump. But given his anti-trans agenda, her victory would be that much sweeter.” “Gender Nonbinary In The Age Of Trump” - The Huffington Post “Like many of you, I was raised to treat everyone as I want to be treated ― including those who may seem different. We never know what someone else is going through until we have been in their shoes. … [Read more...]

[Reminder] Queer, Trans* & Allied Student Summit Fall 2017, October 7

“Resist Oppressive Forces: Protect and Unite our Diverse Communities” All Middle School & High School LGBTQIA/Ally Students welcome! Meet students throughout Santa Cruz County and beyond — from Watsonville and Salinas to Scotts Valley — who are working to help create safer schools in their community! Lunch and Snacks Provided Experience workshops put on by fellow youth and community members Meet LGBTQIA/Ally Community Leaders Fruit Smoothie Party In collaboration with Gender Spectrum In … [Read more...]

GLSEN: Misgendering and Respect for Pronouns – Class or GSA/QSA Activity

“As a class and in small groups, students will watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering. As a class, students discuss ways to combat misgendering and how they can make sure that the gender pronouns of all students are respected.” Visit GLSEN for the full lesson … [Read more...]

Gender Spectrum: Back to School – Gender for All Kids (Stories, Tools, & Resources for Gender Inclusive Schools)

“All children are affected by the messages they receive about gender: from the way colors are gendered (blue is for boys, pink is for girls), to the ways we encourage youth to pursue activities and academic subjects consistent with society’s notions about gender.  Children and youth are flooded with these messages and school is no exception. Our work has shown that all children benefit from discussions that focus on and challenge these messages and that gender-inclusive schools create a more effective learning environment for all … [Read more...]

Help defend DACA

Help defend DACA Please consider calling the White House today at 202-456-1414 and urge the president to keep DACA until there is a permanent solution. Here is a sample script: "Hello my name is _____________ and I am calling on the president to keep DACA in place until there is a permanent solution. If terminated, nearly 1 million young people could lose their work permit, and could be vulnerable to enforcement. Please do the right thing and keep DACA in place." Here are other things you can do to save DACA: 1. Post a 1 minute … [Read more...]

LGBTQ News: “Know Your Rights: Your Cell Phone Belongs to You, Not Your School”

“Under California law, school officials cannot search your phone, tablet, or laptop unless they have a search warrant, there is a legitimate emergency (like a bomb threat), or you say it’s OK.” Read the full article at ACLU … [Read more...]

LGBTQ Local News: Pajaro Valley Pride Holds Second Annual Festival

“According to organizers, the event has grown considerably in size since last year. Twice as many vendors and a hundred or so more attendees from across Monterey Bay gathered in Watsonville Plaza to celebrate and support Pajaro Valley’s LGBT+ community.” Read the full article in The Register-Pajaronian … [Read more...]

LGBTQ History: Video – “Laverne Cox Will Show You the Long, Intense Fight for Transgender Rights”

“Every day, people question why we advocate for trans rights. “How many trans people are there, really?” we are asked. Or, “Isn’t this just a new niche issue that serves as a distraction from the issues that really matter?” But trans people have always existed, and our lives have always mattered. And though we have and continue to face rampant discrimination, so too have we built beautiful communities and movements of resistance and love.” Read the article and watch the video in TIME … [Read more...]

Start of the Year Resources for: GSA’s, QSA’s, SAGA’s, Students, Educators, & Adult Allies

GSA Network - Building Your GSA Lambda Legal - Legal Rights of GSA’s Inclusion and Respect: GLSEN Resources for Educators Gender Spectrum - “Key tips on knowing your rights, discussing your experiences, and understanding your gender as you navigate your Gender identity across multiple realms.” Local LGBTQ Youth Resources Safe Schools Project - Resources for: Students, Applying to College, Educators, School Administrators, Parents, Guardians, and Caring Adults, General Safe School Resources, Bullying, State/Federal Law, and … [Read more...]

Take Action: Make your voice heard about including LGBT history in school textbooks by August 30!

The California State Board of Education is in the process of approving new history textbooks for schools in California.  The current textbooks need some additional edits to ensure that LGBT Americans and LGBT history content is included in grades K-8. Please make your voice heard by posting a comment via email. Be sure to include your name and city.   Take Action: Please submit a public comment, (or just email your comment to: HSSAdoption@cde.ca.gov and encourage your family/friends to do the same, letting the Instructional … [Read more...]